Boundaries of Fantasy. Photographer Giuseppe Lo Schiavo


A camera is a tool that extends the limits of fantasy, capable of materializing his imagination.

Giuseppe Lo Schiavo is a photographer from Italy. He was born in Italy in 1986. He studied architecture at the University of La Sapienza in Rome and specialized in architectural 3D visualization. After working for 5 years in a well-known design studio in Rome, he decided in 2013 to become a professional photographer.

Lo Schiavo uses the camera as a creative tool that extends the boundaries of fantasy, capable of materializing his imagination. He considers himself an inventor, not a discoverer. His greatest inspiration is the history of art that has been accumulating in Rome for a long time, and indeed, there are many reminders in his photo-paintings about the works of Flemish painters, about the surrealism of Magritte, pop art, and Boccioni futurism. Currently, he lives and works in London.