The image of Hong Kong has always been associated with neon advertising and inscriptions on buildings. Photographer, graphic designer ZAKI Abdelmounim tried to convey all the beauty and atmosphere of the lights of night Hong Kong through photos.

During his 8-months journey, he was experimenting with various colour grading techniques that shifted from cyberpunk to vaporwave.

Tokyo’s overwhelming visual presence is an all-out assault on your senses offering a strong immersive cyberpunk experience. A lot to process and too much to take in from the flashing neon lights, the sounds of the busy streets and train stations, and the commercial signs of every building It’s downright surreal and truly catches the spirit of what a cyberpunk city would look like. Easily getting lost offers an unmatched thrill and sense of discovery, but a certain follower emerges at night will keep your company during your stroll in the rain.

“It’s the “Talking Lights” in the labyrinth of alleys. The dimly-lit neon signs of hiragana and katakana trying to communicate with the fast-paced walkers bring a nostalgic air, and it’s a beautiful sight to behold.”