Christoffer Relander grew up in the countryside of Ekenäs, Finland. “Photography to me is a way to express and stimulate my imagination. Nature is simply the world. With alternative and experimental camera techniques I am able to create art that otherwise would only be possible through painting or digital manipulation in an external software. My goal as an artist is to be true to who I am, and aim to create art that will stay around for its good cause.” In this series Christoffer explores the relationship between man and nature.

Christoffer Relander - an-Autumn-EveningChristoffer Relander - Autumn-Self-PortraitChristoffer Relander - Beginning-IIChristoffer Relander - CinderellaChristoffer Relander - OxyChristoffer Relander - SatuChristoffer Relander - TimoChristoffer Relander - Valdemar