I came across Johnny Smith’s collages on Instagram. With his photo manipulation he built himself an impressive follower base of above 42k by the time I’m writing this text.

Often sexually allusive, Johnny’s frequent reference points are nature, pop culture, and porn. His work is frivolous and playful, at times weird or plain dada-esque. Clicking through Johnny’s feed felt like following the footprints of some mad graffiti sprayer on the loose. Johnny himself describes his art as “silly, perverted, beautiful, surreal, confusing, humorous, colorful, stupid and fun. But most importantly, fun.”


Johnny Smithcollage artworks by Johnny Smithcollage artworks by Johnny SmithJohnny SmithJohnny Smithcollage artworks by Johnny SmithJohnny Smith

“I think laugh lines are sexier than any six pack. Life is hard enough as it is, it’s good to have humor.”

–Johnny Smith

Johnny SmithJohnny SmithJohnny SmithJohnny SmithJohnny Smith

“I think it’s fine for art to take itself seriously, I just personally gravitate to the sillier side of things.”

–Johnny Smith