“Created Equal”: A Scandalous Photo Project About Absolutely Different And At The Same Time Such Similar People


This photo project was released in 2012 when fashion photographer Mark Laita created a provocative series of works “Created Equal”. With his project, he decided to remind humanity that there are completely different people in the world, but with this, they necessarily have something in common. Perhaps, to someone, these pictures seem politically incorrect, but in fact, they reflect the essence of life.

1. Cosmonaut and woman who claims to have been abducted by aliens

2. The ballerina and the boxer

3. Musician in the metro and musician in the orchestra

4. Polygamist and pimp

5. Model showing linen and fat lady in grace

6. Teenage Amish and Teenage Punks

7. Bodybuilder and Amish

8. Catholic nuns and “night butterflies”

9. Top manager and courier

10. Chef of the French restaurant and the chef in the cafe eating to take away

11. Mexican ensemble of musicians-mariachi and imitators of Elvis Presley

12. Bikers and students of the Sunday school

13. Bank robber and policemen

14. College graduate and expelled from high school

15. Poor couple and wealthy couple

17. Homeless and the director of a construction company