The human body is amazing and beautiful in all its manifestations. And the body language is an integral part of our life. And the best people can talk without using words – in dance! The French photographer Demetrius Rulland was able to reflect this incredible beauty in his works. The heroes of his pictures are the dancers who left the big halls and studios.

They go out into the streets of the city to merge with it, to fill the squares, bridges, and parks with the vigorous energy that their movements give.

Looking at the pictures, it’s hard to believe that our body is capable of this. The amazing poses in which the dancers froze are so bizarre and attractive that you involuntarily stop thinking about how difficult it is, to perform certain dance movements, and just enjoy the picture that appears before your eyes.

The work that makes Dimitri Rulland can be compared with the pictures of other famous photographers who captured the magic of dance Jeffrey VanhoutteShinichi MaruyamaOmar Z. Robles. All of them, of course, made a huge contribution to the popularization of this spectacular art form.