Fine art photographer Ellie Victoria Gale‘s newest series Flowers Keepers is a color saturated dream where flowers and portraits merge. By immersing her models into beds of colorful flowers, she creates a fairy tale fantasy come to life through her painterly photographs. In fact, Gale considers herself a painter trapped in the body of someone who cannot paint, thus making photography her creative outlet.

In this manner she manages her photographs, moving from the initial work with the models to post-production, where she has composited multiple images together to make the perfect final result. Flowers Keepers, which is “based in a whimsical world filled with glorious color and vivid blossoms,” was a way for Gale to shake a creative rut she was experiencing. Through the work, from costuming to location scouting, she was able to unleash her creativity.

The focus on color and mood is striking, with each image containing its own unique feeling. Laying in a bed of blue hydrangeas or nuzzled against the fuschia blooms of a rhododendron bush, the models work in synthesis with their surroundings. And by amping up the colors, Gale achieves a dazzling result. “I let go of limitations and let my imagination flow free,” Gales shares with us via email. “I adopted a painterly style of photography because I just adore the soft, delicate look, yet the Brenzier style of shooting allows me capture detail which would otherwise be lost.”