Elena Vizerskaya aka KaSSandrA is a talented photographer and digital artist currently based in Kyiv, Ukraine. Elena focuses on digital manipulations, she creates enigmatic universes teeming details with surgical precision.



Elena Vizerskaya was born in 1980 in Kiev, graduated from art school and Kiev Institute of Decoratively Applied Art and Design as a designer of the environment, lives and works in the capital. Even before the recognition of independent creativity, her name became well known in professional circles. To the talent of the retoucher with boundless imagination, delicate taste and humor were addressed by many professional photographers.

The hobby for photography and creating collages, according to the author, began spontaneously as a child, becoming an opportunity for self-expression, a way of saying things that can not be said in words. It is rather difficult to find the usual terms that accurately describe the stylistic orientation of the author’s photo. Collage, photo-manipulation, photographic design – rather, only the technical features of Cassandra’s approach, allowing an extraordinary artist to create an unusual, surreal world, perceived by the viewer rather intuitively, at the level of emotions. The author’s photo is sometimes compared with the works of Dali, speaking about the complexity of the images and the multitude of layers of perception, although this is undoubtedly a completely original artistic language and an absolutely unpredictable “other reality.”

Kassandra-Vizerskaya is known not only at home, but also far beyond Ukraine. The artist’s works, her recognizable style and craftsmanship are highly appreciated by professional photographic communities and critics. Her work was used on the covers and in the illustrations of magazines, prints on clothes and in advertising campaigns. At the beginning of this year Elena took the second place in the special nomination “Self-portrait” of the prestigious international photo contest “Prix de la Photographie, Paris” (PX3).

To be a model for your own photo-images is one of the features inherent in the creativity of the author. This is the kind of work that viewers will see in the exposition presented. And if it is true that any painting by the artist – in some way a self-portrait, perhaps this exhibition will become an open door to the beautiful and mysterious world of Cassandra, where much is impossible to understand, but you can feel.