London-based FutureDeluxe were approached by Wacom & Iris London to create a self-initiated art film with an open brief. The result is a surreal and experimental art piece combining woman and bird to tell a beautiful visual story within an imaginary world of intricate color and detail – Plume.

Working with the famous artist Palitty, they started creating a series of dynamic poses that mimicked the movement of the bird – Growth, Display & Flight.

Then these poses were performed in the 3D scanning studio FBFX, which captured them in ultra-fast details and provided the CG models, which will be used as the main stylized element of the film.

An extensive period of research and development was conducted to create a unique procedural series of CG-textures and abstract details, which were then applied layer by layer to the human form.

A number of similar life and abstract birds were modeled and animated at the research and design stage. Then the final sequence of bird animation was multiplied and modeled to create a dramatic herd in the final scene.