The artist and photographer Jack Long can be called an unconventional gardener. To grow an exotic orchid, lily or any other flower of indescribable beauty, he does not need seeds, sprouts or bulbs. All that is necessary for growing flowers, is the artist in the workshop. Water, paint and a professional camera – and you can lay a flower garden, pleasing everyone, and yourself in the first place.

No, this is not the photomanipulation, not sculptures made of glass or plastic installations. Manipulation here, if present, is only man-made. The master takes the painted water, and she, obedient, accepts those forms and images that he wants to see here and now.

The secret is that Jack Long is the master of high-speed shooting. His flowers are actually liquid, and consist of drops, splashes and waves. But you need to have the talent of God, the lightning response, rich imagination and solid experience to capture the colored water so that it resembles colorful plants, beautiful exotic flowers in pots and vases.

As he does, one can only guess. But everyone who has ever watched this process, leave the photographer’s workshop as enchanted, captivated by his original way and style of work, and also by talent and skill. And though you can not give such a flower to your beloved girl, she will certainly be happy to see the process of creating your favorite plant. And her gratitude truly will not know the boundaries. Of course, if modern art is not alien to her, and she is at least a bit romantic.