‘I like to think that with my photography people discover beauty and poetry’, – Photographer Roberta Nozza


Roberta Nozza, the independent photographer based in Bergamo.

‘I like to think that with my photography people discover beauty and poetry in what they took for granted, I look for the strardinario in everything that is experienced as “ordinary” with a special love for simplicity and spontaneity.’

Roberta Nozza’s photographs are seen as an actualization of the figure of Ophelia of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. The images trace the salient moments of the seventeenth-century tragedy, transferring Ofelia’s vague thoughts, her disturbances of love and inner doubts to the different models and scenographic constructions of today, up to the psychological closure, which will lead her to madness and death. Ofelia is here personified by a girl with long hair and staring into space, wrapped in a very long veil, that in remembering the nuptial one, comes down from above, almost to know it and block every movement.

The melancholy madness is rendered by the photographer through subdued chiaroscuro tones and chromatic touches that enliven the lily branches, a symbol of purity, while the Lindor of the dress, submerged in the water, heralds the future death of the character. The dramaturgical postponements, transfigured and visualized in today’s female and sinister figures, load every image of remote ghosts, of ancient and current madness, of lacerating pains and amorous fears.

The boundary between reality and fiction is broken, to ferry us into spectral images, light and luminous, where the flow of aquatic plants, the velvety shades of the feminine skin and the whiteness of the white petticoat light up the darkness, almost from beyond the grave, in which it seems that every woman falls. In the staging, with a strong symbolic and romantic flavor, the photographer suggests that the interior death precedes the concrete one and alludes to the love dimension elevating it to a privileged thought, which speaks eternally to the imagination.


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