Designer Li Xiang from the Chinese office X + Living decided to expand the standard concept of the restaurant with a children’s area and offered the owners of the Neobio cafe a project in which a vivid and intricate gaming labyrinth permeates the entire interior. Instead of allocating a decorated corner for children’s entertainments, the designer turned the restaurant into a “magic castle”, in which adults can relax over a cup of coffee, and children play in swimming pools with balls, creep along transitions-holes made of transparent plastic, climb up the towers and roll down the slides.

The cartoon appearance of the café is determined by the outlines of a Gothic “castle” made with carved panels, and huge animal-like balloons. Carefully selected pastel colors make the interior cheerful, but do not cause irritation, as is the case with many “bright” children’s interiors, and the abundance of details serves as a background for simple furniture and monophonic fabrics.