“Photography is a universal tool for perpetuating the lived moments, if you pay maximum attention to the essential details, you can catch the moment and turn it into the unforgettable memory.Every second we lived is unique and unique, therefore it is practically vital to collect these priceless moments”

Photographer and Madrid Denis Cherim catches the lens of his camera so interesting angles that unexpected objects create a single composition without photoshop.

With a focus on unusual comparisons and impressive moments when the universe seems to be synchronized exactly like that, photographer Denis Cherim is where his camera sees that the rest of us do not.

A long series includes a wide range of photographic approaches from landscapes to street photography and sometimes a portrait picture.

Denis Cherim is 29 years old, his strong desire to observe, feel and capture the world around him. His time is divided between Madrid and London, wandering and exploring the surroundings as much as possible.
Traveling to many countries and cities, helped to open up a dimension of visual understanding. “When I cross a city, a forest, etc., The ordinary everyday moment can suddenly turn into an interesting situation, when certain combinations of geometry, textures, and reflections are the ideal ingredients that turn ordinary into delightful central parts,”– he says.