What can be more beautiful than naturalness? Natural beauty does not go out of fashion, does not wear out and does not cease to cause true delight. And the pictures that Juliana Nan does prove this. From the tenderness, which is seen in nature, imprinted it, breathtaking. Macro photography reveals the veil above the world, where the only harmony reigns and there is no room for vanity.

Juliana Nan was born on June 10, 1975 in the town of Kazanlak in Bulgaria. The main directions of its work are macro and landscape photography. The photographer admits that he never replaces objects on his frames, only sometimes he uses color filters to achieve a feeling of softness, harmony and beauty in his frames.

As the photographer herself admits, she is inspired by the inner music that sounds in the soul of the artist. Nan wants to share with the surrounding sensations, helping to find peace. According to Juliana, through her creations she tries to express the beauty of the invisible. Especially she likes to shoot flowers, landscapes and insects in their natural habitat. The main characters of the frames stand out clearly on the usually blurred background.