The incredible beauty of abstract photos is made by an American artist and photographer Kim Kever from New York. The idea of such unusual images, which represent an incredible mixture of color and form, belongs personally to him. To create his works, Kiver uses a multi-colored paint, which he throws into a large aquarium, and then photographs how the fluids interact with each other.

The process of mixing colors is completely unpredictable and leads to amazing effects. Abstract and incomprehensible formations of colors in the water resemble strange underwater critters or developing multi-colored fabric. People with a well-developed imagination can compose entire stories about each of these photographs, based on what they represent by looking at them. The charm of these images resembles something magical, reminiscent of an alchemical mystery.

The artist himself says: “I lived in many cities of America – in Virginia, in Chicago, in New York. But wherever I lived, the rows always had an ocean, there was water. And I was always attracted to this amazing element, this slightly swaying surface. Attracted by its appearance and secrets, which water hides in its depths. Probably, it’s destiny, as soon as I started taking pictures of my “underwater clouds”, I felt that I had found my niche in art. This idea brought me the feeling that I can take place as an artist, and I, of course, will continue to work in this style ”

Fantastic works of Kim Keever simply “fan on” the audience, striking their complexity and intricacies of forms. It is both dead clouds and living beings. The artist was able to create a complex and beautiful art from the ordinary physical process. And at the sight of his photos, in the soul of each amazed spectator, his own tale appears.