Toronto-based photographer and director Leeor Wild’s latest journey saw her traverse the southern states of America, hot on the trail of vast horizons and sunsets stretched eternal.

The resulting imagery conveys the hot thrill of the desert landscapes Wild encountered on her way. Shot on film, the series – in the photographer’s own words – “documents the colours, shapes and textures of the southern states, and the feeling of vastness / emptiness I felt throughout much of the journey – juxtaposing nature, architecture, and of course consumerism.” Combining architectural shots, dusty landscapes, people and objects, Wild’s shots takes us on an exhilarating traipse through sun-soaked scenery.

“My photos are pretty much always of people, specifically women. I shoot my photos on medium format film, which gives them a colourful and textural look. I love how people look when they’re sleeping (or dead-looking) but also, conversely, love to photograph women in a strong, statuesque way. I’m particularly attracted to hands, jawlines, spines, awkward limbs… I love the way eyes catch light, and film renders skin.”