British photographer Matt Crabtree presented a series of photographs in which he captured the passengers of the London subway in the stylistics of Renaissance paintings.

“I was on the subway to work, like millions of other townspeople, and, looking up, I saw a woman in a velvet hood: it seemed she was in her own world – far from all the surrounding hype. When I looked at it, the first thing that came to mind was the painting of the 16th century. That’s how the idea of this series was born, “Crabtree said.

According to him, after the first shot, he could not think of anything else, except how to watch the passengers, trying to find a good perspective: “Ironically, the London Underground creates excellent conditions for shooting portraits in the spirit of the Renaissance: first, Successful lighting, and secondly – people who are buried in their smartphones, often sit in a position that reads prayers, doing this with a serious, thoughtful expression. ”

Over the past few days, many media have paid attention to the photographer’s series, which was a big surprise for Crabtree: now he plans to collect his works in a single book and hold a solo exhibition.