Born in 1991 in the small town Knurow, Pawel Franik is a Polish photographer who currently lives in Knurow, where he studies a film and a photo on WST. In his series of photographs “On His Own” there are different people, completely alone in different spaces.

Pawel Franik says: “The purpose of this series is to draw attention to the fact of loneliness, only from oneself.” But this is not his intention to show this as something sad. Regardless of whether you are alone or living in a relationship, everyone needs their loneliness. From time to time, these moments are important to find yourself again. Just have a look at the images below. For a more detailed picture of Pawel Franik, please visit his website.

In the photographic series entitled “On His Own”, a person is shown as an individual, as a loner in a large space that surrounds them. The purpose of this series is to draw attention to the fact of loneliness, only from oneself. Very often viewers accuse photographers of showing a sad picture of loneliness. This loneliness as something peculiar, something completely human. Because each of us, whether alone or living in a happy relationship and having a family, everyone needs a moment of loneliness, in that he pays attention only to his own personality, his own thoughts and reflections.

We live in peace with tremendous acceleration and constant search for our goals, in a world where there is no room for the notorious “minute for yourself”, at a time when you could stop, talk with your thoughts and feel the desired harmony. From the minute to the minute, we experience our lives and are lost in this hurry. Should we stop and look deeply into our hearts? The purity of form with the minimalist impact of the human profile is a deliberate measure of photographic aesthetics.

Without any unnecessary additions, in pure simplicity, form and content point to the division of a person as a person in their private emotional space. Photos of the series “With you” is an attempt to show beauty, which can be seen in the spirit of minimalism.


  1. Thank you for the publications! 🙂
    There are two small errors in the article:
    “Born in 1991 in the small town – KNURÓW”
    “In his series of photographs – “ON HIS OWN ”

    Best regards,
    Paweł Franik