Modern Dadaism – Photo Collages By Lola Dupre


Lola Dupre is a photographer, painter, and illustrator originally from Glasgow, currently living in Limerick, Ireland. As an adherent of Dada’s avant-garde movement, she creates collages in which the photographic material undergoes a metamorphosis, showing how, in the process of apparent destruction, one concept magically incarnates in a new reality.

Photomontage in Dadaists is considered the main form of information transfer, more complex and meaningful than a conventional photo because unlike a photograph that represents only one frame, a college can accommodate a lot of frames that are not consecutive in time, like a video sequence, but are stratified.

Although the work appears to be digitally processed, Lola Dupré uses only dozens of original photographs and scissors, spending a lot of time and effort creating collages. As the source for his work, Lola uses those photos of celebrities, then famous paintings or just giraffes. Why not? After all, the main principles of the Dada are irrationality, denial of recognized canons and standards in art, ultimate cynicism and unsystematic.