Artist mom Alya Chaglar and her 3-year-old daughter Stefani create fabulous optical illusion photos using nothing but fruits, vegetables, and flowers. The charming pictures feature Stefani as she seemingly sports the latest in unconventional dresses—like “wearing” a piece of watermelon! The results are as ingenious as they are cute. To produce these visual tricks, Chaglar holds one of the objects up to Stefani as she strikes a pose in the distance. The scale of the bananas, cauliflower, or fresh blooms are close enough to the camera to perfectly cover the adorable toddler’s body and create the illusion of an outfit. Stefani rocks all of her looks with such an awe-inspiring confidence that we can’t help but wish that some of her “dresses” were real.

Chaglar chronicles the pair’s amusing photos with the hashtag #funnystefani. It’s fitting, as Stefani obviously loves the camera and is a constant source of smiles. This goes well beyond her illusion images. In every photo—no matter how ordinary—Stefani looks like she’s having a great time. Her utter joy is a great reminder for us adults to look for happiness in something as simple as a fantastic photo trick.

The creative mom holds a piece of fruit, a vegetable, or flowers in front of Stefani to make it look like she’s wearing them as clothes.