Ukrainian designer of accessories Konstantin Kofta released a collection of backpacks IMAGO in the form of a process of life of insects. The collection is dedicated to nature, its beauty, the theme of metamorphosis and the earth’s color palette.

Studio Kofta is engaged in the production of sensual backpacks and bags, that is, those that look beautiful, elegant and with a hint of surrealism. All the collections of the studio are sequentially linked, and IMAGO is a certain stage of the studio’s maturity. Designers lay this very meaning in the concept:“Imago is the last stage of insect development, it is a process of growth and development. Maturity means not old age, but sensitivity level. Nature does not need a cladding to reach the peak of perfection.”

Handmade backpacks are made of leather, mostly of shevret (leather that is made from sheepskins by the method of chrome tanning) and a special coloring pigment developed in the studio.

Konstantin Kofta – designer bags, clothes, shoes and accessories of the underground style. This is a young, but already popular fashion designer, born in Kiev, Ukraine.

The new brand, created by the designer is consonant with his surname: Kofta offers people unique things made in one, unique specimen. Its products are presented in the skin.