Milton Green is one of the brilliant Hollywood photographers, and his name is taken the highest place in Pop Art. Actually, Greene is famous for the cooperation with Marilyn Monroe. But he created masterpieces of Art that turned into the inspiration for many photographers. His photo art was published on covers of prominent magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Life. But what do we know about Milton Greene else? UsaARTnewS tries to get interestingng facts of photographer’s biography.

Marlene Dietrich

The future star was born in New York in 1922, and the first photos were made by him at the age of 14. He became a pupil of famous photojournalist and wizard of composition, Elliot Elisofen. At the age of twenty-three, Milton was referred to as “Color Photography’s Wonder Boy” while he’s working with Louise Dahl-Wolfe (a distinguished fashion photographer).

Greene (along with other Richard Avedon, Cecil Beaton, Irving Penn, and Norman Parkinson) is credited for bringing fashion photography into the brunch of fine art.

Milton first met Marilyn Monroe when she posed for Look Magazine photoshoot. They became close friends, and, furthermore, formed their own film production company which produced “Bus Stop”, “The Prince” and “The Showgirl”. Before marrying Arthur Miller, Monroe lived with Milton and his family in their Connecticut farmhouse.

His photos had won many national and international honors, awards (the American Institute of Graphic Arts and the Art Director´s Club of New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Detroit. One of his last awards was from the Art Director´s Club of New York for his work in Harper´s Bazaar).

Sharon Tate

Joshua Greene, Milton’s son, is the sole owner of the copyrights to all of the Milton H. Greene collection represented by the Archives,llc. The Archives is the source representative for all post-humous editions and vintage prints that were owned by the late photographer.

Milton Greene is “embodiment” of fashion art photo, glamor and glory of Hollywood. Now his works keep unique and fascinating after all these years.




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