The Chinese photo artist decided to take a fresh look at the things around us in life, and for this, he processed the objects he liked, and then processed it in a graphics editor so that they left only luminous contours. It turned out really original!

Ethnic Chinese. Living at the moment in France, Qiu Minye named his surreal photo project “My God”. In the images we see the glowing outlines of objects, people, animals, as if their present, material origin by the wave of someone’s magic wand instantly disappeared, leaving only after them, only gradually dissolving in the air outlines.

The spectator imagines that the life envelope of objects, the energy substances that once belonged to this or that object, appear before him. Such an unusual, existential view of the demonstration of images vividly highlights the photo project “My God” against the backdrop of other manifestations of surrealism in art, because the author has focused on reality, which is not necessary to see, but it is necessary to feel.

These days, a personal exhibition of creativity Qiu Minye takes place within the walls of the gallery Ofoto, that in Shanghai, the end of the exhibition is scheduled for December 6, 2014.