Creative inspiration knows no bounds. Artistically-minded folks are often influenced by the things around them and make connections of how to translate it into their own work. Fashion and architecture, it turns out goes hand-in-hand. Photographer Kristina Makeeva shows how they can inform one another in her fusion of travel photography and editorial fashion. In a series of gorgeous portraits, she pairs picturesque landscapes with ethereal dresses that capture the essence of their locale.

Each of Makeeva’s images features long gowns that mimic the landscape in some way, be it color, texture, or form. One of the most breathtaking examples of this is her photo of the Cathedral Mosque in St. Petersburg, Russia. There, the opulent blue and purple patterned exterior is paired with model Aygul’s equally as colorful printed dress. Between the building and sweeping floral print, Aygul is practically invisible in a jewel-toned camouflage.

While not all of Makeeva’s editorial fashion photography is as dramatic, they do pay special attention to the gesture of the dress as it pertains to its surroundings. “For me,”she writes, “there is nothing more beautiful than the tangled fabric of the dress from the wind created by the running girl. This is magic.”

Kristina Makeeva captures stunning editorial fashion photography that combines breathtaking landscapes with flowing dresses.

In each image, the ensemble captures the essence of its locale.