A selection of photos by Jeff Luker, an American photographer from Plympton, Massachusetts .

Jeff Luker is an American photographer . He has shown his work in galleries both domestically and abroad. He has also collaborated on advertising projects with brands including Levi’s, Nike, and Urban Outfitters.

Jeff Luker’s photography makes us want to get out and explore. From the desert to the beach, cliff-jumping to skateboarding, the unifying theme behind his work is its capturing of adventure and discovery — take us along for the ride, please!

 Jeff Luker has been trampled by a horse, caught in a flash flood, lost in the desert, stalked by a mountain lion, swarmed by bees and bitten by a marmot. Fortunately, he carries a camera around with him to document his adventures and all the things that happen in between. Most days you can find Jeff roaming through the forests of the Pacific Northwest or traveling the open road looking for a nice place to pitch his tent..


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