Simas Lin is a talented self-taught photographer, retoucher and traveler, currently resides in Vilnius, Lithuania. Simas focuses on architecture, it removes interesting minimalist city and tourist photos.

There’s always something new with every frame that Simas takes. It’s a wily mix of color, composition, rarity and sometimes oddity that make them quite memorable. It’s as if he’s always on a quest to find something out of the ordinary in places that you wouldn’t normally take a second look at. Maybe that’s the reason why he’s so good at it. Aside from having a truly curious spirit, Simas also has this remarkable creative vision that he applies to his work. A quick look at his photographs can be enough to prove that.

Due to technological advances, photography is not the only and unconditional documentation tool it was before, and photographer isn‘t any more a necessity to capture a scene.

Thanks to tools such as satellites, drones, street view, etc. it is not even necessary to be at a specific location to capture it. As a consequence, every landscape photograph can be considered just a senseless digital record made by someone.

After considering that his art was turned upside down by technological improvements, Simas Lin, a Lithuanian photographer, realized that despite being a visual mark, artificial lighting in landscape photography has became a sensual link between the viewer and photographer.

“I wanted to visit the spookiest places in my city and convey the atmosphere of explorations through a totally different approach”, Simas says.

This series of photos depict the intersection of time and space, which is very intriguing yet so scary for a random person to explore. The red light, creating the surreal, cinematographic plot, is used to highlight the senses that are triggered by those places.

“Vibrant light becomes a visual expression of the mental state that I was accompanied by while wandering around totally alone“, Simas says.

Light pollution, seeping into these quiet industrial vistas from the nearby city, adds a strange brightness to the sky with those colors.

His portrait of Lithuania’s capital is definitely eerie, and also disorienting. Vilnius, a medieval-era city, is known for its famous baroque architecture. But these photos, with their illuminated drainage ditches and towering streetlights, could just as easily have been shot in middle America as in the Baltic.