Photography: The Power of Black and White 3


A girl, wearing a smocked dress and a bonnet, standing next to a baby in a pram 

Carriage Ticket Office where guests can arrange for horse-drawn carriage rides through Americana 1900. 

1930– maternity dress1930s

The pram, a baby carriage for infants and toddlers, is mainly a Western and urban phenomenon that developed in the 1800s. 

In 1990, a 106 year-old Armenian woman guards her house with an automatic weapon.

A 5-year-old at the Miss Chica Barbie Pageant in Medellín 

In 1923 Emma Read patented the Portable Baby Cage. It was designed to solve the problem of large high rises in urban areas which left families with no open. 

1928-Richfield General Gasoline

The photo below was captured during a winter weekend getaway in Taos, New Mexico. This old gas station has been turned into a museum of sorts, and has this wonderful display of vintage vehicles and signs.

The North Midland Division Camp,1910

Elvis and wife, Lisa Marie Presley, 1968

Elvis Presley on the set of Love Me Tender


1920s: Safety Features First! 

Proud father.

Navajo child in a cradleboard, Window Rock, Arizona, 1936

Unussual stroller 

The big and small dogs



Nursery WW2




Gas pram Baby_Carriages 


Adam Maclay Collection, Alexander Turnbull Library 



Air India flight attendant aiding a passenger on a Delhi-Bombay flight in 1946 


February 01, 1964. Black Muslim leader Malcolm X standing behind tux-clad Cassius Clay (now Muhammad Ali), who is surrounded by jubilant fans after he beat Sonny Liston for the heavyweight championship of boxing 


Amazing People – Amazing Vintage Portraits of Padaung Women in the 1950s


Boy riding on his tortoise 


A newly-born lamb snuggles up to a sleeping boy, March 16, 1940

Kayan People – Amazing Vintage Portraits of Padaung Women in the 1950s

Kayan People – Amazing Vintage Portraits of Padaung Women in the 1950s

The Bulgarian prophetess long time ago.

When approached to understand that the prophecies Vanga come true, then they began to write her about everything.

According to witnesses, Wang rarely talks about the fate of the world. And every time, “gets to the point.” The fate of individuals opened her better. 


A little dog joins a parade of priests, ca. 1900


Rolling and curing tea leaves, ca. 1897



Girl in a produce store, ca. 1897


“Memories of the Armenian Genocide” 


How people used to test football helmets in 1912.



India is trying to revive khadi, the yarn Gandhi used to weave the country’s independence


Old timey photos show that some people have always had swag. 


Audrey Hepburn breakfast at Tiffanys


Asheville Wedding



Origins of halloween in old photos Washington DC 1911


Republic of Tatarstan: Old photos of Kazan and its people 1990s


Republic of Tatarstan: Old photos of Kazan and its people 1990s


Republic of Tartazan



Old camera






Old people love is so cute by Level 


Helping old man 




A fisherman children


Happu Konno, one of the most famous bear-hunters in Yezo. THE HUNTER (IN CENTRE), AND TWO AINU FISHERMEN.


Longest Gun

The barber


With crocodilesOld Black and White Photo (39)


The President’s Office


The Hippopotamus Old Black and White Photo (28)


The TelescopeOld Black and White Photo (20)




The children’s poverty in the USA was three times higher than in Australia and Canada and five times more than in France and Netherlands in the beginning of the last century. 20_18


An Ainu tribeswoman holding a group of threads to her mouth. (Photo by Evans/Three Lions/Getty Images). Circa 1955


Old hindu man with white mustache (india)








Classic photo


Children at the FSA (Farm Security Administration) Camelback Farms inspect the photographer’s camera, Phoenix, Arizona, 1942. 


A Ringling Brothers Circus elephant exits a train car. [1963]


Original taken  in What Islam practiced in Persia (Iran) in the late 19th century 



Irina Demick, 1962 


Old Chennai people pic


Mid 1800s: Handles and Forward-Facing Carriages


Impressive Black-and-white


War child 


Bird Lady of Central Park NYC by halnormank