“Art reflects what is hidden deep inside each of us,” says Serbian digital artist Bojan Jevtic. His work – a mixture of photographs, computer effects, textures and layers with elements of digital art, on which stiffened mysterious female images, long loved by the public one of the most prestigious platforms of the Internet Saatchi Art.

According to Boyan, he works twenty-four hours a day, and ideas and images are born much earlier than he can realize them, therefore, in his head each picture is transformed several times. “Art is a world in which there are no rules. Here the main thing is to remain true to yourself, your goals and thoughts, “- says the author of works, where each image is a separate story full of feelings and emotions.

Ignoring the time, he simply enjoys the creative process, saying that: “Most often, it takes a long time to create one picture, and sometimes it happens, so it’s created in literally in a couple of hours.” His works are distinguished by a refined style, color and the transfer of metaphors, feelings and emotions emanating from the depths of the soul of each girl, imprinted on an improvised canvas.