Refined Look On Heidi Lender’s Photos


When photographic skills combined with professional knowledge of the art décor and superb sense of style, turn out unbelievable images. Such work creates a contemporary photographer and stylist Heidi Lender. Heidi was born in 1966 in new haven, Connecticut. She graduated from Cornell University with a bachelor of arts in clothing and textiles. In addition, she is still in his youth, he wrote in magazines articles about fashion, accompanying materials with your own photos. The girl diligently studied the style and design, traveled a lot, and find herself once led her to India. There she stopped for a while, starting to learn yoga.

fotografiya_xajdi-lender_green-dress_01 fotografiya_xajdi-lender_green-dress_02 fotografiya_xajdi-lender_green-dress_03 fotografiya_xajdi-lender_loaded_01 fotografiya_xajdi-lender_loaded_02 fotografiya_xajdi-lender_loaded_03

Such a rich history has shaped the identity of whose projects never go unnoticed by the audience. Now Heidi lives in Uruguay, completely surrendering to the photos. She’s crazy about Instagram, which often puts their work and casual snapshots.
In 2010, Heidi and regularly participates in international exhibitions and solo projects. Its characteristic “handwriting” – a dark dull colors, single objects in the middle of desert landscapes, muted emotion. The portraits and rural scenes author sometimes cause warm feelings. Experiments with the perception of the audience – her horse. And manage these experiences with knowledge in the field of design. Fame Heidi has brought the projects of several staged shots, United by a common concept. One such series was “One”, where the photographer fully demonstrates his ability to select clothing appropriate for the mood and the environment.

fotografiya_xajdi-lender_once-upon_01 fotografiya_xajdi-lender_once-upon_02 fotografiya_xajdi-lender_once-upon_03 fotografiya_xajdi-lender_once-upon_04 fotografiya_xajdi-lender_once-upon_05 fotografiya_xajdi-lender_once-upon_06 fotografiya_xajdi-lender_she-can-leap-tall-buildings_01 fotografiya_xajdi-lender_she-can-leap-tall-buildings_03 fotografiya_xajdi-lender_she-can-leap-tall-buildings_04 fotografiya_xajdi-lender_she-can-leap-tall-buildings_05 fotografiya_xajdi-lender_she-can-leap-tall-buildings_06 fotografiya_xajdi-lender_she-can-leap-tall-buildings_07 fotografiya_xajdi-lender_she-can-leap-tall-buildings_08 fotografiya_xajdi-lender_she-can-leap-tall-buildings_09