Landscape photographer Albert Dros has always been inspired by the forest. Over the years, he realized that the woods near his home are a fantastic muse. These forests are constantly changing and developing, and he wants to come back here again and again. In fact, Albert Dros has been here so often that he started photographing the same scene at different times of the year.

With different lighting and slightly different angles, Dros uses his creativity to demonstrate how the mood of the forest changes according to the season. While the fiery red leaves create bright colors in autumn, the snow-white forest is no less charming.

Dros watches his favorite places and often comes back to see how they have changed. He even notes that during the same season, the same place may look completely different due to small changes, such as the color of leaves.

His work is proof that you don’t have to go to distant places to take commemorative photos. Sometimes all you need is to walk or drive just a few minutes away from your home. It is important to keep your eyes and mind open for any inspiration that occurs on your way.


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