This series entitled Serenita Veneziana by French photographer Laurent Dequick captures the city of Venice with a ethereal feel by stripping away some of the color. This whitewash technique not only adds to the dreamlike quality of the city but also enhances its delicacy.


“Inspired by the Vedute painting of the 18th century, far from the tumult of the tourist circuits, I let myself be led away by the contemplation of the Venetian palaces.”- said Laurent. Jewels of the Serenissima, they alone bear witness to its greatness, its power, its beauty. From the front perspective view architecture is staged and became the theater of the city. The ethereal chromatic value enhances the delicacy of the buildings, the surrounding nature (the water channels, the sky …) become intangible. Close to the engraving, architecture rising above the common feelings becomes sublime, pure.

There are signs of this in his work as it is first of all a reflection on contemporary cities and more specifically aboutthe proliferation of modern urban space. Laurent Dequicks purpose is to accurately convey an impression of frenzy which results from a density of population and activity in urban areas: “Along the streets, the lights, the noise, the traffic, the swarms of pedestrians, the blend of smells, are so fascinating that no single shot can entirely capture it. Do choices have to be made? I dont think so: I dont want”.

To translate this urban life congestion into an image, the photographer does not shy away from the juxtaposition, superposition or inlaying of shots. With the same intensity he overlaps photographs representing architectural complexes, main traffic routes and people. He condenses the images like the city condenses the sum of its inhabitants lives. Dequicks style is reminiscent of cubism in its execution close to abstraction andin his representation of permanent movement.