Japanese artist Shinichi Maruyama released an interesting photoart project called Kusho, which in Japanese means “drawing in the sky.” This series of paintings is similar to the movement of dance – invigorating, energetic and at the same time frozen in an unconventional form. Such power of lawlessness was achieved through a harmonious combination of Japanese minimalism, the strength of movement and the professionalism of the author himself.

Completely unpredictable, chaotic splashes, which are concentrated on the pictures became available for our gaze due to the stroboscopic camera. It allows the photographer to make unique snapshots even before the liquid simply turns into a homogeneous mass. This means, with the help of a stroboscopic effect, we are able to observe the illusion of slow movement, similar to the one we experience on the dance floor in a club.

It is necessary to agree that unpredictability bribes and intrigues. That’s why Shinichi Maruyama can be called a lucky person who managed to make the state of unpredictability a way of life. He does not just do art, he experiences his favorite feelings, and is able to share them with you.