Long exposure photos of temples, bridges, and monuments in Japan treated with a sepia tone by photographer Nune Karamyan. The warm tone adds a timeless quality to the images as if they were shot a long time ago and are just being discovered. The series recently won 1st Place in the Architecture/Historic category at the 2017 International Photography Awards.

Long exposure photography delivers the enchanting spirit of sacred traditions of Japan. When the never ending colorful crowds of tourists and pilgrims alike turn into the moving ghosts in the long exposure photograph, serenity and piety fills the air. Monochrome delivers the message of timelessness. Slightly warmer tone is homage to sepia film and accentuates the timelessness of ancient Torii gates and Temples.

“Photography is passion interrupted.  It is between years of life and work.  It is waiting for a darkroom when none is available.  It is finding a modern, more suitable way to work. We are most critical of ourselves, but have become each other’s sharpest judges and greatest supporters.  We discuss and agree and find truth together.  From early morning shoots to late night printing, we work side by side.  We find peace in sharing sunrises and sunsets, as well as in the creative processes in our studio.  Sitting next to each other, we influence each other’s work and find inspiration in art, travel, and learning from others.  We share our roof and life.  We look and move in the same direction.  We pack our gear together and make sure we haven’t forgotten anything, especially the love and respect we have for each other.”

See more of Nune Karamyan’s work at her website.