Student Photography: How Convert Hobby into a Profession


Before the pandemic, young people had made a habit of traveling for fun. It became quite common for a university student on summer break to take off and backpack from city to city. Each new location is a chance for photography that will then be shared on social pages. Eventually, what started as a passion student photography idea gives the owner enough exposure that makes them wonder if they should pursue it as a career. 

How To Make Photography a Career

Some students take this up as a unit in class while pursuing art-related courses, and they get so much better that they realize that photography as a hobby could become a whole idea that earns them a living. Students learn lots of material and review photography research topics that helps to reflect on an issue and reach own conclusion. It has become quite easy to find free essay samples from other students who share their knowledge and practice aspects with college students.

There are several ways to turn this hobby into a career. You may want to start reading essays online by people who have been in the industry long enough to know what works and what doesn’t. This will certainly help you learn from their mistakes. Below, we discuss how you can make a career out of photography.

Think Like a Business Person

You are looking to brand yourself; not as an essay-writing student but as a person that wants their work to take a professional angle. This will require perfecting your style, and it could mean taking a course online to get better, and that should be done if that’s what it will take. Once this is done, you may want to overhaul your social pages to portray this brand you are building, as they are your portfolio. You will then want to write captions that take the voice you want for the new brand. 

You will need a rate card for your work, which you can make based on the quality of your art, its style, niche, and the prevailing market rates.

Pick a Niche

You may be the jack of all trades, but not many people are keen on working with those. You want your portfolio to showcase a genre that you are most comfortable as that is how you will win them over. If you are into nature, let that show so clearly that no one questions what your art is about as soon as they see your socials or website. If you do well in several areas and would like to show that, create sub-genres of your portfolio and show the best of your work here. People buy into precision, so make your space visually appealing.


Even though you are still a student with coursework to finish and term papers to write, you are taking a new direction that could set you up for life. So, each chance you get to sell yourself, lead with your skills. Offer to show people your pages that act as your portfolio, and always ensure they leave knowing what you can do for them. Do your research and attend events that accommodate your passion to get as many chances as possible to sell your skills. You also want to network to learn from people in the same niche but with better skills than yours. Their experience could teach you things the internet may not.

Never Stop Learning; Education is Vital

You may not be reading for an exam, but each lesson you take from the field will bring you closer to your dream of turning your passion into an income-generating activity. Whether that takes an academic angle where you pay for online courses or you are simply learning from your mistakes, take each lesson as fodder for the journey. You also want to be consistent with your art because practice makes one better. If you commit to publishing three photos and a video each week, make sure you follow up. Social media followers are unforgiving of people who don’t take their talents seriously, and they will unfollow you the moment they notice some slack. Remember, your online portal is what brings paid about that paid work these days.


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