Take Professionals’ Pictures: Travel Photographer Rory Gardiner Tips

Take Professionals' Pictures: Travel Photographer Rory Gardiner Tips

Choose the best time

“Try to shoot at the beginning or end of the day,” Gardiner advises, adding that “at this time the light is more interesting, offers different shades and a wide range of colours. When it comes to traveling, Gardiner recommends Japan to those who love adventure in a bustling city along with the tranquility of island life.

“Obviously, I am obsessed with photographing huge pulsating metropolises, and Tokyo is the pinnacle of it,” Gardiner says. “With observation decks and easily accessible vantage points, you can photograph the city from above for weeks,” he continues. The photographer recommends finding out which hotels have public rooftop bars so you can enjoy the city’s expansive views from above.

“On Japan’s northernmost island, Hokkaido experiences up to 16 meters of annual snowfall. All winter, the island is covered in pure white snow, allowing you to shoot minimalistic landscapes wherever you go,” says the photographer.

Take Professionals' Pictures: Travel Photographer Rory Gardiner Tips

Don’t obsess about the equipment

“The best camera you’ve got,” Gardiner says. – Having special equipment doesn’t really help if you don’t have it with you at the right time. Don’t be afraid to use your phone or compact camera, these days they can offer amazing results! When traveling locally, choose locations with spacious landscapes to practice landscape photography in natural light.

Take Professionals' Pictures: Travel Photographer Rory Gardiner Tips

The camera doesn’t always see what you see

“If you are filming a building or a cityscape, try to do it evenly! Buildings seem straight to us when we look at them, so make sure the camera “sees” them the same way!” – Gardiner warns. Professional advice is especially helpful if you’re going around the world by attaching a camera to the car’s bumper. After all, in the old districts of Amsterdam or London, buildings often stand tilted.

Take Professionals' Pictures: Travel Photographer Rory Gardiner Tips

Gardiner recommends adding Kandalama Hotel Sri Lanka to your list of mandatory sites if you like to explore places where the artificial environment meets nature.

“This long structure by Jeffrey Bawa is built on a mountain slope and is completely covered with dense vegetation, which allows you to create images that blur the boundary between architecture and nature,” Gardiner explains.


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