Teresa Freitas. About People Without People


Today almost every person has a personal blog with photos. And it’s good if it’s cats, not food or legs. Although, even they are able to serve beautifully and aesthetically. The shelves of bookstores are bursting with literature about building a frame and composition of photography.

Many professionals advice really helps people who did not know how to shoot become good beginners. And therefore it is very pleased that more and more truly talented people are meeting in the Instagram space. Teresa Freitas – one of the fighters for the aesthetics of personal blogs. The photographer’s account pleases the eye, and her work is forced to think and look closely: what is depicted there, and what did the author want to say?

Photographs Teresa in the Portuguese coastal village of Cascais. This is a truly magical place, surrounded by sea and greenery. It’s no wonder that the girl began to shoot – such places of our planet deserve to be seen all over the world.

They were seen, because the account of Therese in Instagram has about one hundred thousand subscribers. The account, decorated in pastel colors, pleases the eye. Transitions of pink in azure, play of light, glare of the sea – all this makes the heart beat more often, especially in the rainy and cold Moscow weather. The world of Theresa is minimalistic, full of dreams and fantasies. But she also has dark photos. For example, a figure without a head in a sweater against the background of a raging sea, or a black and white photo of a girl whose face has four colored lines, as if a trail from claws.

But the work with the illuminated lower part of the face, which seems to take out the same clarified hand from the darkness, is especially creepy. It creates the feeling that this is a mask that someone took out of the abyss. It’s pretty depressing and gloomy, which runs counter to the main mood of Teresa’s account.