Conceptual photos by Brooklyn-based artist and photographer Adrien Broom that follows the journey of a young girl as she discovers all the colors of the rainbow. Entitled The Color Project, the images tell a story of self-discovery, imagination, and curiosity. Each set, which took between 1–2 months to build, was constructed in her studio and filled with props representing each rainbow color with no Photoshop involved. The project was inspired by a visit to a friend’s house who was transforming a guest room for their first child.

 “I went to a friend’s house who was about to have her first child. The guest room was in the middle of being transformed and in this moment, everything was white. The crib, the chair, the walls, even the painter’s cloth on the ground. I thought it was beautiful and the idea of creating full worlds made of every color was born. Very simply, I spent over 2 years completing this project, and only this project”.