Finally! The channel HBO decided to film the Ray Bradbury’s novel Fahrenheit 451″. The movie will be released by HBO this upcoming Spring. But now we have possibility to watch the trailer and rate it!

Ray Bradbury’s novel about a dystopian future bent on eliminating knowledge and the luxury of learning stands the test of time as one of the most important novels ever put to a book. Now that book, Fahrenheit 451, will be adapted into a TV movie released by HBO.

The concept of book-burning may not be as literally renowned as it used to be in the 1950s, but the idea behind the book burning, the elimination of knowledge and perception, is instantly recognizable. It is one of the main aspects behind why the Ray Bradbury novel, Fahrenheit 451, has continued to be referred to as one of the greatest and most important novels ever written. At a time where book burning was still rampant across the nation, the novel used this as a catapult to sling itself into the halls of legend. In 2018, that legend will be adapted into a TV movie on HBO, appropriately titled: Fahrenheit 451.

The adaptation will be helmed by Iranian-American filmmaker, Ramin Bahrani, whose name will not be familiar with many people, but make no mistake about it: Bahrani is a filmmaker who handles his craft with care. Some of his most acclaimed films include Man Push Cart in 2005 and Chop Shop in 2007, but international and mainstream audiences may be more familiar with his film, 99 Homes, with Andrew Garfield and Michael Shannon, the latter of whom will also star in this Ray Bradbury adaptation. Shannon, along with Michael B. Jordan of Creed fame, will attempt to properly deliver this modern adaptation of the classic novel, which has just released its first teaser trailer.

It’s very possible that Ramin Bahrani’s adaptation of the Ray Bradbury novel may not live to expectations. After all, it’s only one of the most acclaimed novels in literary history. Modern adaptations tend to have a mixed reputation: sometimes they’re extremely successful, other times they are despised beyond belief. Fans of the novel will be watching this film like sharks on the hunt for animals, it’s just something that the filmmakers will have to deal with. This writer, on a personal level, is extremely interested in how this modern adaptation will work out and if anything will change with the times. It’s risky, but it might succeed.

Michael B. Jordan and Michael Shannon are both incredibly talented actors with a natural gift for acting and it would be shocking if one or both of them were to mess up with their roles. Ramin Bahrani also has well over 10 years of experience with directing and writing films for the screen and we trust that Bahrani will pay respect to the Ray Bradbury novel.

We hoped that the new HBO film can surprise and tell this story the way the author imagined it.