Normally the only time we think of ice being beautiful is when it’s been sculpted by man or when it’s surrounded by whiskey (or both). But Sweden-based photographer Andreas Rasmusson managed to make ice look stunning, simply by photographing it in its natural habitat.

Rasmusson traveled from the city of Malmö to the countryside of Blekinge during the winter to capture these hauntingly serene photos. The series, titled Ice Islands, highlights the beauty of ice’s natural forms. Some images capture the clarity of icy stalagmites as the sun shines through, while others focus on the convergence of icebergs.

The photos serve as a reminder of how beautiful the natural world is. Images capturing single droplets of water trickling off icicles remind viewers how quickly that beauty can disappear if they don’t take time to appreciate it.

The series won an honorable mention in 2012 from the International Photography Awards, an organization that recognizes artists globally for their work.

Rasmusson worked as a photographer for Ikea before launching his freelance career. His other photography projects focus on form as well. His series Junk Art looks at the rorschach-like images found in litter. While his most recent series selfie / distortion looks at the human form, specifically the face.

Just like the icebergs and formations photographed by Rasmusson, his work always has more going on underneath than what you see on the surface.

honorable mention ice photo

Ice stalagmite

Ice by lake


Ice caps melting

Dark Snow