Citing the street as their favorite workplace and the whole world as their canvas, Valencia-based couple Anna Devis and Daniel Rueda inventively interact with architecture. When paired with their love of travel, this playful interest culminates in a quirky and creative collection of photos that’ll make you look twice.


 Set in cities across the globe and featuring bold patterns, simple shapes, and pastel colors, Devis’ and Rueda’s snapshots convey a wide range of architectural styles and structures. On top of simply showcasing beautiful architecture around the world, the charming photographs also demonstrate the duo’s unique way of experiencing everyday life and interacting with their surroundings. Thanks to their clever poses, building façades become theatrical backdrops, spiral staircases turn into playgrounds, and windows are transformed into versatile props.

“Before starting at university I used to draw everything that came into my mind,” Devís explained in a video made by Adorama. “That process was very long so I decided to change the way to express them. That’s why I came into photography. It was quicker and it also made me happy.”

Their work started off with playful photoshoots that transformed into “creativity-driven minimalistic architectural self-portraits,” which is how they classify their playful photography.

“Neither of us can hide that it is us that we both love to take pictures of the most because we appear in each others’ pictures,” Rueda told Adorama. “I think the background is sometimes even more important that the main subject in the picture, that is why buildings and architecture are so important for my photography.”

You can watch a behind-the-scenes look into the couple’s artistic process in an interview with them in this video by Adorama.