Designcollector is happy to announce a new long waited work of Russian motion artist Maxim Zhestkov. Welcome his short movie, and as he said before, his first in a colour, – “VOLUMES” that is available today for instant collecting on Sedition Art.

Maxim Zhestkov (b.1985, Russia) is a visual and motion graphic artist whose practice centres around the influence of digital media on shifting the boundaries of visual language. In digitally rendered contemporary gallery-like settings, digital forms and sculptures move and interact. The forms are beautifully choreographed, producing rhythmic and complex movement patterns that play with their surroundings. Zhestkov’s work pushes the boundaries of the traditional white cube gallery environment, and questions how art is and will be viewed and experienced with the increasing influence of digital media.

Zhestkov also works professionally in the creative industries applying his knowledge of digital techniques. He has worked with a number of major global clients including Google, Microsoft, Fox, MTV, IDEO, BMW, Ford, Nokia and FutureBrand.

Throughout the film, the particles evolve inside simulated gallery spaces: their collective mass moving as if prodded, pushed and squeezed by an invisible force. Zhestkov explains these particles as if they were autonomous beings: “They dance, play and communicate with each other in an eternal hypnotic ballet governed by the invisible wind of fate.” Their movement is indeed reminiscent of nature; the combined mass of the particles mimicking the swell of the ocean and its waves, and their individual forms shiny and bursting like ripe gooseberries. Each frame in ‘Volumes’ presents a new digital sculpture, blending ambient sound and the motion of the particles — representative of Zhestkov’s diverse skill set.