For four years, Amanda Lucidon was the only female photographer on the White House staff and she was given the job of covering the First Lady, the Daily Mail reports.

Now Lucidon, 38, has shared personal reflections in a new book, “Chasing Light”. The book is a collection of about 150 candid photographs of the first family and is filled with the lessons the photographer says she learned along the way.

The book is filled with images of Michelle Obama, 53, both in public and private moments. Snapshots of her with her husband and daughters are interspersed with candids during trips to Cambodia and Japan where she is seen speaking with school children and dignitaries alike.

This selection of photos from the book highlights Lucidon’s ability to capture intimate moments, as well as the first lady’s impact on those around her. “Mrs. Obama enjoyed adding some fun to the mix,” Lucidon writes of covering official events and meetings. “She loved to drop by and surprise people, in and out of the White House, which always made for great photos. I really admired the way the First Lady maintained such a serious role, yet she loved to laugh.”

Lucidon traveled to 20 countries and numerous US cities with the then-First Lady’s team, listening to her work and speak and growing to see her as a role model. 

She added: “Working at the White House was a very transformative time for me. I found confidence. I learned about myself. I learned about pushing boundaries. I learned about embracing my own story and my own background.”