How Different Types of Art Can Reduce Your College Stress?


If you have ever been in the company of artists, you will hear them say that art is a great stress reliever. Creating art can help solve sour mood problems, negative thoughts, and fill your mind with positive feelings. The best thing is that in the end, you are proud of what you created. What is also great is that you do not have to be a professional artist before you create art.

In this article, you will be learning different types of art to help you reduce your college stress.

1.   Drawing and Coloring

Think about how the teachers of preschoolers give them pencils and crayons to make colorful drawings. Of course, these drawings are never near perfect. As a matter of fact, they make you laugh at their cute attempt. Yet, the pictures bring joy and give you a good feeling when you look at them. According to the experts, drawing and coloring can reduce your anxiety and change your negative mood to a positive one.

As a student looking to use art to reduce college stress, you do not need any special knowledge to draw or color. Just get a piece of white paper, some pencils, and your crayons or poster color and create magic. You can draw and color the sun, the moon, the beach, the sea, flowers, etc. You can also draw stick figures. However, if you are a professional artist, you can draw and color something special — for yourself. After you are through, you can frame it and hang it on the wall of your room to fill the room with good energy.

2.   Create a Mandala

A mandala is a type of art design that uses circular lines with patterns and symbols in it. Many therapists support this type of art as a therapy for relieving stress. Furthermore, art students have preached that creating a mandala has worked to help them ease anxiety. According to research, people who suffered PTSD had it reduced minimally when they drew mandalas.

One great thing about drawing a mandala is that you use symbols to express how you are feeling. It is like an outlet for pouring out your sad thoughts and the challenges you have faced in life. The best part about creating a mandala is that you can use your own symbols and patterns within the circular line.

3.   Color a Ready-made Mandala

As a student, having to prepare for a test can be stressful. Sometimes, you may even wonder, “Can I pay someone to take test for me?” Even after taking the test, the stress still may not go away. If you do not know or are not interested in creating a mandala, you can choose to color one instead. Coloring a mandala with your favorite colors is like giving life to the dull parts of your emotions. Besides, it is easier to color a ready-made mandala than to draw one out from scratch. If you want to try this, you will find ready-made mandalas in drawing books at an art shop. According to research, when it came to reducing anxiety, coloring a mandala was more helpful than drawing a picture from scratch.

4.   Doodle

Yes, good old doodling to the rescue. If you did not know if before, doodling is a type of art. Not only is it uncomplicated, but there are also no rules when it comes to doodling. Doodling is perfect for you if you are too lazy to spend thirty minutes trying to create a perfect drawing. The best part is that it allows you to release your boredom, anxiety, and even stress whether consciously or subconsciously. You can get a special notepad strictly for doodling all you want e.g. flowers, hearts, stars, smiley faces, etc.

5.   Take An Art Course

If you are interested in knowing more about using art as a stress reliever, why not take an art class? One of the benefits of being in an art class is that there is quiet even though others are present there. You also get to focus on your drawing which helps in making you less distracted by sad thoughts or life’s challenges.


Art is a great stress reliever and you should try out the different types in the list. Also, if you are a Master’s student writing your dissertation, you can outsource to dissertation writing services in the US.


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