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Pablo Picasso’s Femme Dans Un Fauteuil (1941) – The Leading Lot At Christie’s

Pablo Picasso's 1941 painting Femme dans un fauteuil depicting the artist's muse Dora Maar will be dedicated to an evening sale of 20th-century art at Christie in New York on October 6. It is estimated at between $ 20 million and $ 30 million. During the Nazi occupation of Paris, Picasso (1881-1973) created a series of paintings by his beloved...

Everything You Need to Know about the Microsoft AZ-900 Exam and Its Related Certification

Over the last few years, adding certifications to your resume has become the real deal in every field and even more so, in the field of IT. So, if you are looking to kick start your career in cloud computing then you should definitely consider sitting for AZ-900 exam because it will earn you the Microsoft Certified: MS-100 Exams. In...

COMING SOON: Mary Rozell. Collector’s Handbook – 2020

Mary Rozell has released the second edition of the bestseller: the official release of the book took place on September 3, in online shopping networks it is expected on October 5, 2020. The Collector's Handbook includes updates for each section and an all-new chapter on digital art. We will try to look inside the publication using the author's interviews...

US elections through the prism of art

Gallery owner David Zwirner arranges a sales exhibition in support of Joe Biden while Donald Trump is transporting art from the embassy. Politicians are not alien to the craving for beauty. The main contenders in the 2020 US presidential election - incumbent President Donald Trump and Democratic leader Joe Biden - made headlines for two art reasons. Gallery owner David Zwirner...

Holidays In New York – Top Stunning Museum Shows

New York - is not just a city. The world center, which houses the best and most visited museums in the world and itself is very similar to a museum. However, not all visitors know that in the evening the doors of museums are not always closed. Museums live their amazing life and offer New Yorkers to listen to...

Dallas Museum of Art – Contemporary And Decorative Art

The largest American museums attract a significant number of visitors: in 2002 alone, they were visited by more than 100 million people - this is more than the attendance of sports events. The museums keep works of art, whose value reaches billions of dollars, hold exhibitions that determine the cultural season in major metropolitan areas, and are the pride...

New York Art Galleries – Your Go-To Guide for What to See

It won't take even a couple of weeks to visit all the art galleries in New York. We have collected the most interesting and significant galleries in the city. It is not for nothing that New York is called the world capital of art, because the number of museums, galleries, and unique exhibitions here is simply amazing. This city has...

Walker Art Center – The Best Modern And Contemporary Art Installations

Declared by the American authoritative Newsweek publication as "perhaps the best American museum of contemporary art", the Walker Art Center has become a kind of icon. Founded in 1879, the museum in Minneapolis grew from a small city gallery into a world-renowned major organization. The title building of the Center, designed by Edward Larrabee Barnes in 1971, was added in...

American gallery showed new paintings by Hugo Bastidas

Gallery Nora Jaime presents online exhibition of a new series of paintings by American artist Hugo Bastidas. It is called "Strike" and is dedicated to the artist's experiences in the midst of the crisis due to the pandemic and the unrest following the mass anti-racism protests in the United States. The artist's new paintings are in his signature style, imitating...

A man discovered an architectural treasure of the XIV century in his house

Repair is always a difficult and time-consuming process, during which a lot of details and surprises can open up. One of these surprises just happened to a resident of the Spanish city of Ubeda. Juan Francisco decided to make an overhaul of his house. But the work on the reconstruction of housing did not last long, because, behind the wall,...

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