Saturday, August 15, 2020
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The Berghain club in Berlin became an exhibition area until the end of the pandemic

Thanks to the Studio Berlin project, everyone who wants to see the works of Anne Imhof, Wolfgang Tillmans, and Olafur Eliasson will get into the club, bypassing strict face control. The legendary Berghain nightclub in Berlin, temporarily closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, and collector Christian Boros have teamed up to display art created in the city's workshops during the...

The US cultural institutions spent $ 7.9 billion last year

This year, the result will not be repeated - the losses of the US art industry have already reached $ 150 billion. And this is not the final figure. According to the Cultural Sector Infrastructure Index, recently published by AEA Consulting, in 2019, a total of $ 7.9 billion was spent on the construction of new cultural and art buildings...

Logistics company accuses art dealer of not paying bills for keeping paintings

As compensation for damage, the paintings stored in the warehouse want to be sold at the auction. Logistics company NYC Art Handlers from Brooklyn has filed a lawsuit in the Supreme Court of New York demanding to recover more than $ 145,000 in storage services from art dealer and gallery owner in Chelsea Fergus McCaffrey. Company officials say they have...

Art institutions and artists to help Lebanon

Members of the art community join forces in an attempt to help Beirut hit by explosions. The aftermath of the explosions in the Lebanese capital on 4 August 2020 had a devastating impact not only on the life of Beirut but also on the country's artistic community. Many artists lost their studios, many exhibition and museum spaces suffered significant damage,...

Abandoned mines in Appalachia will be converted into a new art center

Kentucky philanthropist Brooke Smith hopes to achieve the Bilbao effect and use art to attract tourists to the former mining region. Making an abandoned mining area in the Appalachian region of eastern Kentucky, one of the world's art centers is the daring mission of Somewhere Appalachia, a project led by Brook Smith, an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and contemporary art collector...

MAXXI will open a branch in L’Aquila, hit by an earthquake

Opened on May 28, 2010, MAXXI (an acronym for Museo Nazionale delle Arti del XXI secolo - National Museum of Art of the 21st Century) brings together two museums under one roof - art and architecture. It will take at least a day to visit all the MAXXI exhibition galleries. The MAXXI Architectural Collection includes drawings, models, and documents...

The suspicious hands of the Savior of the World

The question of the authorship of The Savior of the World haunts specialists in the art of the Italian Renaissance and the work of Leonardo da Vinci. His version of the origin of the most expensive painting in the world was proposed in an essay published in the magazine ArtWatch UK by the French expert on Leonardo's work, art...

Philbrick case: art investors join the prosecution

After the fraudulent dealer is detained by the FBI, the court decides the ownership of the works he sold twice. A few weeks after Inigo Philbrick, an art dealer accused of embezzlement of more than $ 20 million and fraud, including the sale of works of art to multiple buyers at once, was arrested by the FBI, the consequences...

Coral Greenhouse: Last installation by Jason deCaires Taylor

About 50 miles from Townsville, Australia, on the sandy bottom of the John Brewer Reef lies an unassuming structure designed by Jason deCaires Taylor. The Coral Greenhouse is currently in pristine condition with small algae or tiny organisms sticking to its edges. Over time, however, the sculptural work is designed to accumulate living aggregations of marine creatures as they...

Raphael’s appearance was reconstructed in Rome

Italian art historians have created a three-dimensional reconstruction of the artist's face. With the help of modern technology, they managed to unravel the mystery of his final resting place. Scientists from Italy have denied rumors that Santi did not have the head in the tomb. In 1833 the artist's sarcophagus was opened. It turned out that the skeleton was...

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