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The German art dealer Angela Gulbenkian pleads guilty to theft in London court

Art dealer Angela Gulbenkian is accused of defrauding a client. An anonymous London art dealer claims that she sold an Andy Warhol print he owned for £115,000, but did not give him the money. The client sued the Munich court through his lawyer. This is not the first such accusation against Gulbenkian. She previously failed to deliver...

Why Should You Visit Art Museums?

Art has a supernatural ability to mesmerize people and capture their attention in ways that change their lives, way of thinking, and response to society at large. And art museums are places of worship for every art lover. After all, it is where they soak in all creativity and imagery of their favorite artists or art movements,...

A Roman sandstone altarpiece – Found at the Vindolanda archaeological site in northern England

Altarpiece with a naked horseman uncovered at the archaeological site Vindolanda, England, 2021. A Roman sandstone altar depicting a naked horseman was discovered at the archaeological site of Vindolanda in northern England. Vindolanda, a fort just below Hadrian's Wall, was periodically inhabited by the Romans between 85 and 370 CE. He is best...

In Germany, under a cornfield in Helfta, discovered a 1000 year old church built by Otto I

Eisleben in Saxony-Anhalt is known as the birthplace, baptism, and death of the famous Martin Luther. But recently, the city has made headlines again - during excavations in its suburb, the foundations and ruins of a large church from the second half of the 10th century were found. According to the State Office for Monument Conservation and Archeology, the foundations...

Restitution by Düsseldorf of Franz Marc’s painting “Die Füchse (Foxes)” Comes to a Standstill

In April, Düsseldorf, Germany decided to return the Franz Marc painting to the heirs of a Jewish businessman. They sold it during World War II. But, this return has not happened yet. German press agency DPA reports that bureaucratic deals have effectively put restitution on hold. They are delaying returns, which could open the door for many more similar cases....

The Brazilian architect Paulo Mendes da Rocha, winner of the 2006 Pritzker Prize, died Sunday at 92

Brazilian architect, who said form ever follows function, Pritzker Prize winner, Paulo Mendes da Rocha died at the age of 92. He was hospitalized for lung cancer. The Brazilian architect won a number of architecture's most prestigious prizes including the Pritzker Prize in 2006, the Praemium Imperiale in 2016, and the RIBA Gold Medal in 2017. A practitioner since the...

AI Restores Mutilated Rembrandt Painting ‘The Night Watch’

One of Rembrandt's finest works, The Militia Company of District II, commanded by Captain Frans Banninck Kock (better known as The Night Watch) from 1642, is a vivid representation of Dutch Golden Age painting. But the painting was severely disfigured after the artist's death when in 1715 it was moved from its original location in the Hall of the Guild...

The Los Angeles–based gallery Regen Projects has hired two directors: Bryan Barcena and Stephanie Dudzinski

Los Angeles gallery Regen Projects has enlisted two new directors, Bryan Barcena and Stephanie Dudzinski. Both have spent time at a number of distinguished institutions and galleries before signing on with the gallery. Barcena worked as assistant curator and manager of publications at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, and curatorial assistant at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston. Dudzinski has...

Salome Asega and Rufaro Makanda have joined the board of directors of the New York–based arts nonprofit Eyebeam

Salome Asega and Rufaro Makanda have joined the board of directors of the New York–based arts nonprofit Eyebeam. Asega is an artist and researcher who was a 2015–16 resident at Eyebeam. Makanda, who will be the board’s treasurer, is an investment banking vice president at Bank of America. Earlier this year, the organization announced that it would restructure its influential residency program by allowing past...

Castle from Lost Kingdom of Urartu Discovered by team of archaeologists in Eastern Turkey

It would seem that it is difficult to lose the castle. Anadolu Agency reported that during an expedition, a group of archaeologists discovered one in eastern Turkey. The castle is located in the mountains of the Gürpinar region in the eastern province of Van, 8,200 feet above sea level. There, the team found ancient walls, a water storage tank, and...

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