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In western Ireland, archaeologists have unearthed an Iron Age wooden idol eight feet high

A 1,600-year-old pagan idol, made from a wooden pole carved from an oak tree, has been unearthed in a bog in western Ireland. Archaeologists say the idol dates to the very late stage of pagan Ireland, only about 100 years before the conversion of the Irish to Christianity during the mission of St. Patrick in...

Monastery of the Anglo-Saxon Queen Cynethryth excavated in the village of Berkshire

During the excavation, the team uncovered some of the layout of the monastery, showing that it was organised into a series of zones that were demarcated by ditched boundaries. The remains of an Anglo-Saxon monastery have been revealed on the banks of the Thames, in the village of Cookham, Berkshire. They are believed to...

The suspect was arrested in connection with the theft of around 1 billion Euros of antique jewelry from Dresden’s historic Green Vault

Another suspect has been arrested in connection with the 2019 theft of antique jewelry worth an estimated €1 billion (around $1.2 billion) from Dresden’s historic Green Vault. A 23-year-old man allegedly involved in the heist was apprehended by police on Thursday morning in Berlin-Treptow. Each of the six suspects believed to have carried out the theft are in...

Charles Rennie Mackintosh and the Glasgow Style – Exhibition in the United States

In the late nineteenth century, the Glasgow style became the main expression of Art Nouveau in Britain. This exhibition showcases Charles Rennie McIntosh - the greatest exponent of Glasgow's style - as an architect, designer, and artist, and also contextualizes his production within the broader range of designers and craftsmen in a major Scottish city.

US National Gallery of Art cancels blockbuster of Genoese art due to pandemic

The National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. has cancelled its presentation of a major survey of Genoese art, little over a month before it was scheduled to begin. The museum stated that the ongoing pandemic rendered it impossible to put up the show in September as planned. However, European audiences may still be...

Paintings from the National Academy of Design – The first exhibition

Paintings from the National Academy of Design Museum is the first exhibition to highlight a key aspect of the National Academy of Design collection. This is the joint presentation of a portrait of an artist and his or her thesis. Aurora Boreal - Frederic Edwin Church The American Federation of...

A New Era: Philadelphia’s Art Museum

The Philadelphia Museum of art is one of the most famous museums not only in the USA but all around the world. The huge collections of this temple of art make it one of the largest art museums in the country and an absolute must-see cultural center of the city. The Museum of Art is located on...

Picasso’s work at MGM’s restaurant in Las Vegas

Eleven Pablo Picasso artworks that were on display at a Las Vegas restaurant for over 20 years will hit the auction block this October, just two days before what would have been the artist's 140th birthday.Part of MGM Resorts' sizable art collection, the pieces had long been a fixture at Picasso, a Michelin-starred French and Spanish eatery in the...

Exhibitions & Online Collection – Cincinnati Art Museum

The Cincinnati Museum of Art, located in picturesque Eden Park, offers a varied encyclopedic art collection of over 67,000 pieces spanning 6,000 years. In addition to displaying its own extensive collection, The Cincinnati Art Museum also hosts several national and international traveling exhibitions annually. Visitors can enjoy exhibitions or take part in the museum's...

An Overview of Video Editors for Creating an Instructional Video. Where Should a Beginner Start?

With the growing number of people working and studying remotely, the popularity of instructional videos has grown significantly within the past two years. Most people create instructional videos using their smartphone cameras or, more rarely, DVD cameras. Regardless of what hardware you use, you need to have some video software for editing the footage. The selection of...

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