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Swiveling Mirror Installation Skews Perspectives of Historic Venetian Architecture

AZIMUT, an installation by French artist and designer Arnaud Lapierre, offers a prismatic look at some of Venice’s historic structures. Situated along the waterfront of Riva degli Schiavoni, 16 titled mirrors with battery-powered motors rest on the cobblestone walkway in front of the Palazzo Ducale, a gothic landmark that dates back to the 14th century and currently houses one of the Italian...

Take an Eerie Walk Through the Empty Streets of Amsterdam, San Francisco, and New York City

With one-third of the world’s population currently under some level of quarantine, the streets of major cities like Amsterdam, New York City, and San Francisco are an unusual and unsettling sight. Film director and cinematographer Jean Counet, who shot “Meanwhile in Amsterdam,” shows the capital city almost entirely deserted. Public transit is empty and a four-minute walk reveals less than a dozen...

A list of resources addressing the economic impact of coronavirus on the cultural sector

Here is a list of resources dedicated to the economic impact of the coronavirus on the cultural sector. Organizations offer grants for emergency care, while other groups use crowdsourcing data to quantify the impact of the health crisis on the culture-related labour market. The Boston Artist Aid Foundation, CERF+ Emergency Assistance and Artist Relief Tree are some of the initiatives that...


We appeal to all art lovers: if you ever have a free day in New York, add this page to your bookmarks, pack your bag and get ready to go to the most incredible art galleries you've ever visited! Here you will find a complete list of art galleries that you simply cannot pass by. Stop #1: Paul Kasmin Gallery (515...

A Natural-Stone Mosaic Facade Punctuated by Dramatic Opal Windows in a New Building by OMA

In the developing city of Gwanggyo located about 25 kilometers south of Seoul, a high-end Korean department store stands out amongst gray office buildings and other concrete structures. Designed by OMA/Chris van Duijn, the Galleria shopping center features a mosaic facade of neutral-toned stones cut into exact triangles. A series of geometric, opal windows offer those passing through the dome-like hallways a look at...

A New Book Compiles an Expansive Collection of Gaudí’s Unorthodox Architectural Works

Known for transforming Barcelona’s architectural landscape, Antoni Gaudí famously combined nature, materiality, religion, and influences of Orientalism into a widely recognized aesthetic that’s captured in a new book from Taschen. Throughout more than 350 pages, Gaudí: The Complete Works encompasses the Catalan architect’s projects from the Casa Batlló to his first house, Casa Vicens, to his most recognized creation, the Sagrada Família. It features new and historical photographs,...

Actor Sean Penn, with the help of Jeff Koons, turned his collection of weapons into a sculpture

For his new work, the most expensive living artist Jeff Koons used an unusual material - a weapon. And not just a weapon, but a collection of two-time Oscar winner Sean Penn. About six years ago, "Sean told me he wanted to "commission" his gun collection and asked if I was interested in the prospect of creating a work of...

A Hummingbird-Sized Dinosaur Skull Found Preserved in 99-Million-Year-Old Amber

Protected in a small piece of amber dating back 99 million years, an ancient skull is changing the timeline researchers have for when reptiles transitioned into the descendants of current-day birds. Found in Myanmar, the oculudentavis khaungraae had at least 23 sharp teeth on its upper jaw, which suggests that the dinosaur ate insects, according to an article published in Nature this week. Its eye...

Art Therapist Collects 14,000 Keys From Wildfire Victims and Transforms Them into Powerful Metal Phoenix Sculpture

In 2018, terrible fires raged across the state of California (USA). The fire destroyed at least 10 thousand houses, and 300 thousand people, having lost everything, had to start looking for new places to live. That summer in the California fire disappeared from the face of the earth city Paradise, which did not help and happy name. 85 people died,...

“Museum Oscar” for best architecture won the gallery from Norway

The Twist gallery, located in the Kistefos Museum and Sculpture Park about an hour's drive from the Norwegian capital Oslo, has won the LCD Award for Best Architecture in Berlin 2020. In this category, it outperformed two competitors, the Qatar National Museum in Doha and the Victoria and Albert Museum in the Scottish Dundee. The LCD Awards (Leading Culture Destinations)...

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