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The biggest exhibitions opening around the world in 2021

Now more than ever, in the current situation, there is an urge to devote one's free time to the field of art. What can compare to a visit to a museum, where you can learn something new, stimulate your imagination, or simply dream of the beautiful? Whether it's the great masters, contemporary art, fashion icons or popular movies, this...

Art Gallery Shows to See Right Now

Of course, we live in strange times, but in museums and galleries, it's (almost) commonplace. Almost all art centers are open again, so here are the best art gallery shows right now, as well as until the end of time. Some art shows now require reservations for exhibitions while others can drastically cut the number of visitors, so you might...

Victoria & Albert Museum – Art Shows

The Victoria and Albert Museum is known as the V&A. It is the British Museum that houses the world's largest collection of decorative arts located in South Kensington, London, close to the Science Museum and the Natural History Museum. V&A museum dates back to 1852. Victoria & Albert museum mainly housed a collection of arts and crafts that were on...

Alison Jacques Gallery Now Represents Carol Rhodes

Alison Jacques Gallery announces the representation of Carol Rhodes (1959–2018) in partnership with Carol Rhodes Estate, curated by Andrew Mummery, who worked closely with Rhodes for most of her career. Carol Rhodes has created a distinctive landscape painting style throughout her twenty-five-year career, developing a world of semi-fictional places that are both familiar and ambiguous. Meticulously scaled, densely rendered, and usually...

The Main Art Events of 2020

The past year has been more than turbulent, with countless crises surrounding the global pandemic as well as social and political rifts that have changed almost every aspect of everyday life. Over time, this has influenced the art world: there is movement in museums, galleries, biennials, fairs, auction houses, and in places where artists live and work. The first -...

An exhibition of works by Robert Longo opened by Jeffrey Deitch

Robert Longo's art has always had a political dimension. He is looking for a visual balance between nature and politics, social and personal. Robert Longo combines a sense of humanity with a sense of justice, exposing the politics of power, futility, and aggression. He created a personal fusion of pop and concept art, reinforced by a sense of political relevance....

An exhibition of new work by Arturo Herrera – is presented by Sikkema Jenkins & Co

New York - Sikkema Jenkins & Co. presents an exhibition of new works by Arturo Herrera, which will be presented in galleries from November 21, 2020, to January 23, 2021. Over the course of his career, Arturo Herrera has developed a wide variety of works (most notably collages, felt sculpture, and wall painting) that reference the complex legacy of abstraction...

The world-class collection of German art at Saint Louis Art Museum

St. Louis Art Museum presents a world-class collection of German art from the last 200 years. From the romanticism of the 1800s to the eclectic globalism that followed the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. This exhibition demonstrates how art, politics, and history are connected. For hundreds of years, the concept of the storm has served German artists as...

Tampa Museum of Art presents African American artists in “Living Color”

Living Color: The Art of Road Workers is the newest exhibition at the Tampa Museum of Art (TMA) in which it continues to celebrate the richness and complexity of Florida's cultural tapestry. The Living Color exhibition, which opened on November 19 and until March 28, 2021, brings together 60 paintings from five distinguished private collections, which showcase the work of...

Linda Pace’s dream museum becomes reality in Texas

The history of the Ruby City, a historical museum designed by world-renowned architect Sir David Adjaye, begins with the lucid dream of a dying woman. In the spring of 2007, 62-year-old Linda Pace, the legendary patroness of contemporary art in San Antonio, realized that breast cancer diagnosed months earlier was likely fatal. All the money in the world couldn't keep...

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