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What To Expect From US Art In 2020

One of the largest U.S. banks shared his vision for the future of the art market Bank of America that not only has a corporate art collection but also provides art banking services for its clients, released its own mini-research. In a simple and accessible form, Bank of America analysts divided the current crisis into phases and made a forecast...

Holidays In New York – Top Stunning Museum Shows

New York - is not just a city. The world center, which houses the best and most visited museums in the world and itself is very similar to a museum. However, not all visitors know that in the evening the doors of museums are not always closed. Museums live their amazing life and offer New Yorkers to listen to...

Top Major Exhibitions That Actually May Open in Europe This Fall

A brief overview of the most anticipated art exhibitions of the coming year in European museums, which you should certainly strive to visit. Especially for you, we have selected forty-four stunning exhibitions in fourteen different cities. Grand exhibition of Raphael in Rome First of all, it is definitely necessary to go to Rome, where in spring a grand exhibition of Raphael...

Katharina Grosse’s exhibition at Berlin Museum of Modern Art

German artist Katharina Grosse (b.1961) turned the Historical Hall of Berlin Museum of Modernity and the open space behind the building into a total picture. Katharina Grosse is known for her multi-dimensional picturesque worlds in which bright colors permeate walls, ceilings, objects and even entire buildings and landscapes. Her work It Wasn't Us ("It's not us") in Hamburger Bahnhof -...

Lévy Gorvy Gallery presented “waterfalls” by Pat Steir

The Lévy Gorvy Gallery in New York opened the exhibition of American artist Pat Steir "Drawings of waterfalls on paper". The exhibition includes several rare works on water subjects. Painting and graphics on paper occupy an important place in Steir's work, but unlike her paintings, she very rarely exhibits such works publicly. The artist was inspired by traditional Chinese painting,...

Exhibition of sculptures by Hans van de Bovenkamp was opened in New York

Louis K. Meisel Gallery presents a unique exhibition of abstract sculptures by Hans van de Bovenkamp. The exhibition is held in an open format, but with the observance of social distance - the audience will be led to the sculptures of Bovencamp, installed in different public spaces. The exhibition tour will cover dozens of works by the famous American sculptor,...

Young artists turned down the Whitney Museum

One of the largest US museums canceled the exhibition, apologizing to the authors of the potential exhibits for anger and disappointment. For years and decades, it was considered a great success and honor for artists of various sizes if their work got to an exhibition, or even better, was bought by a large museum. But new times dictate new orders....

British Museum will show recently discovered paintings by Victor Pasmore

The Hastings Contemporary Museum of Modern Art presents a retrospective exhibition of the famous British artist Victor Pasmore. The exhibition will cover his entire artistic career, from early figurative landscapes to later abstract compositions. The exhibition will include recently discovered paintings by the largest British artist of his time. "Pasmore has had a great influence on generations of artists. This...

Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood exhibited his own paintings

Ronnie Wood from The Rolling Stones can be considered one of the greatest rock guitarists. But will critics also praise his artistic abilities? British newspaper The Guardian has published the opinions of art experts on Wood's paintings on the eve of the exhibition, which starts on August 21 at the historic English estate Ashridge House in Hertfordshire. Over 100 Wood's...

Japanese sculpture park on Frank Lloyd Wright’s Villa

One of Frank Lloyd Wright's estates, Martin House, is hosting a Japanese sculpture exhibition: this public art initiative has literally breathed new life into the residence. The giant ceramic sculptures by Jun Kaneko - in a landscape that Frank Lloyd Wright created with a constant interest in the unity of nature, architecture and art. Every Wright construction expresses a deep...

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