Monday, September 28, 2020

New York Art Fairs 2020

Every year several hundreds of events are held in the world, bringing together collectors and art lovers. At the art fairs, you can not...

Bloomberg noted a boom in equity investments

Amid the pandemic, demand for fractional ownership of art, luxury goods including collectible cars, and even racehorses is skyrocketing. All companies that took part in...

Rousseau’s painting, stolen by the Nazis, was exhibited to find its lawful owners

The World Center for Peace, Freedom and Human Rights in Verdun presents an exhibition of one painting by French painter Nicolas Rousseau. The small...

Spanish Museum was allowed to save Pissarro painting stolen by the Nazis

A real legal war broke out between the Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum and the heirs of the mid last century collector Lily Cassirer. The reason...

The most horrifying picture: “Saturn devouring his son” by Francisco Goya

In the life of the great Francisco Goya, there was a period when he became a recluse. The bright master of the Romantic era...

Ronald Perelman plans to exchange art for “free life”

The Sotheby's auction house will help a famous financier and collector to get rid of onerous assets. Famous New York financier and collector Ronald Perelman,...

Germany increased the budget to purchase famous pieces of art

The German government is going to purchase about 150 works of art into the state collection for a total of 3 million euros. This...

Damien Hirst asked for Maurizio Cattelan “banana”

British artist Damien Hirst was able to get a copy of the sensational installation "Comedian" by Italian author Maurizio Cattelan. Hirst said that he...

Tropicana: new collection of Dior Maison tableware

The new collection of Dior Maison tableware is dedicated to Brazil and reminds us that there is always a place for a holiday in...

Collector ordered a 1.5 million dollar COVID-19 diamond covered mask

An anonymous buyer was described as "a billionaire from Shanghai." Imagine having an extra $1.5 million in your bank account right now just waiting for...

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