Monday, March 30, 2020

Fine art

Bruegel paintings. The most famous masterpieces of the master

Breughel (1525/30 - 1569) is often referred to as Hieronymus Bosch's successor. Yes, at first glance, part of their work is similar. Breughel, just as Bosch created the crowded canvases. But still, they're different. As...

Julia Sarda: new design for old stories

Julia Sarda is an illustrator from Barcelona who is best known for her work for children's books. Julia's father was an artist, so drawing is her closest thing to being a child. An important milestone...

Delicate lyrical watercolors Malgorzata Szczecinska

The artist Malgorzata Szczecinska modestly calls himself just an amateur. However, the watercolors of a talented Polish self-taught artist have won many hearts and found a place in the collections of art lovers from...

Digital Surrealism by Catrin Welz-Stein: touching and exquisitely gloomy

Designer Catrin Welz-Stein comes from Germany. She now lives in Switzerland and books, postcards, music albums, posters and even pillows decorated with her digital drawings can be found all over the world. She began creating...

Where The Air Is Full Of Promises And Secrets… Artist Isaac Maimon

Isaac Maimon is a contemporary Israeli artist with French roots. He was born in 1951 in Israel. From his earliest childhood, he demonstrated his artistic abilities, which were enthusiastically received and supported by his family....

The Light of Ocean Waves in paintings by Lia Melia

Lia Melia is an English artist, she specializes in seascapes, to be more precise, on the Okan waves. Her paintings are very realistic and unusual in their technique. To achieve a realistic and transparent sea...

10 masterpieces by Paul Cezanne

Paul Cézanne was one of the leading artists of post-impressionism, which created a bridge between late 19th-century impressionism and early 20th-century materialist art, directly Fauvism, Cubism and Expressionism. Cezanne's work has inspired many twentieth-century artists...

How to teach art to children. Lessons from Mark Rothko

Mark Rothko greatly admired children's art, praising the freshness and authenticity of their works. He was well aware of children's art as he worked as an art teacher at the Brooklyn Jewish Center for...

Cinematic Journeys Illustrated in Hand Painted Maps by Andrew DeGraff

Maine-based artist, illustrator, and pop culture cartographer Andrew DeGraff creates detailed maps that outline the movements of major characters in iconic movies. Made by hand using gouache and ink on paper, each of DeGraff’s maps...

Combining Vibrant Shapes and Simple Lines, Illustrator Willian Santiago Evokes Scenes of Brazil

With an affinity for bold colors, Willian Santiago documents what he sees around Londrina, the city in southern Brazil where he lives. He utilizes bright blues, greens, and reds to create his illustrations of wild animals...

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