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Reproduction as a kind of art

Reproduction is the reproduction of paintings by famous artists. It can be made in typographical or artistic ways. If an interior needs decoration or...

The Beauty of Night and Stars – Van Gogh’s Beautiful Landscape

Wildlife always inspired artists. They depicted on canvases views of raging seas and ancient forests, calm rivers and majestic mountains, blooming meadows, and snowy...

Design masterpieces that we ignore

Sauce bottle Kikkoman DESIGNER: Kenji Ekuan, 1961 Kenji Ekuan invented a bottle of Kikkoman soy sauce for three years. During this time, he tried more than...

Protest art

Protest art is a creative work received by activists and social movements. It helps to evoke basic emotions in your audience, and in turn,...

21st Century Abstraction Artists

The year of birth of the abstract art is considered 1910 when Wassily Kandinsky painted his first abstract composition. The main goal of abstract...

Street art digest: quarantine, new superheroes, and a lot of love

COVID-19 pandemic has seriously affected many areas of life for people around the world. Now, some countries are already gradually taking off quarantine restrictions,...

Spectacular works of contemporary art

We have prepared this selection, especially for those who miss travel and art. It includes the most spectacular works of modern art scattered around...

5 Banksy’s art works you should know about

Banksy - a genius or a vandal? You decide! What do you need to know about the personality of the artist? Firstly, he is...

Top 5 the most influential street art artists in the world

Street art and graffiti have become an integral part of our lives and the most striking trend in contemporary art. Today, street art artists...

The Most Unusual Paintings in the World

There have always been many mysteries, riddles, and intrigues in painting. So, some consider it fiction, others can not live without it. However, there...

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