Saturday, November 28, 2020


Kasmin gallery in New York now represents American sculptor George Rickey

Kasmin Gallery in New York now features American sculptor George Ricky, who passed away in 2002 at the age of 95. Ricky is best known...

Isamu Noguchi’s 1962 installation in the White House collection

"Everything in this world is a sculpture. Any material, any idea that appeared in space, I consider sculpture. Isamu Noguchi believed that the sculptor's task...

How did Constantine Brancusi redefine sculpture?

Contemporary art is discussed, admired, glorified, and sometimes condemned for various reasons, but there is one defining quality that usually stands out as a...

NYC’s new Black Lives Matter Mural – Why It Is More Than Art

Artists have turned boarded-up businesses into powerful Black Lives Matter art First, boards covered businesses in New York and Oakland. Then, so did art. Graffiti artists,...
Where the dogs are running. 1, 4, … 19, 2014 Installation: robotic maze, camera, tripod, projection, computer, software, live mouse. Programming: 144MLN, NEXUS

The Art of Animal Liberation

For a long time, animals have been very closely associated with people. People began to express their attitude towards their four-legged friends and enemies...

Top Art Accounts to Follow on Instagram Now

Instagram is not only endless Stories, clothing stores without prices, and memes. You can scroll the ribbon after a hard day (or just for...

Thomas Dane Gallery at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York

The Thomas Dein Gallery opened in April 2004 with the first exhibition of Steve McQueen's work, followed in October of that year by Paul...

The Art World Online – Buying Art in Time of crisis

With the total closure of all cultural institutions - from the largest museums and opera houses to music clubs, cinemas and tiny galleries -...

France’s Top Art Prize Winners

Nowadays it is possible not only to declare yourself but also to receive material confirmation of your talent: every year several prestigious awards are...

The Everson Museum of Art – Art & Artists

The main city attractions are thematic museums and galleries located in Syracuse, in the city center in a beautiful modern building is the Everson...

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