Tuesday, January 26, 2021


Two Banksy Murals Defaced in New Orleans

Street art superstar Banksy has been noted by lesser-known graffiti artists. Two of the few Banksy figurines in New Orleans were ruined over the...

Why Custom Diamond Art Is Trending

Have you heard about the new trend in diamond painting art? It allows painting enthusiasts to do more than just shop for prerendered artwork...

The Studio Museum in Harlem Came Into Being as a Space to Support Artists

In terms of museums, the Museum of Modern Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Whitney Museum, and Guggenheim Museum tend to dominate talk of the...

Things You Didn’t know about Carved Balinese Skulls

When someone mentions skulls and décor in the same sentence, our mind immediately pictures a deer skull hanging above a fireplace in a cozy...

Art and Nature Interact at New York’s Storm King Art Center

Sculpture Park in upstate New York, the Storm King Art Center, is one of the most idyllic spots in the country with large-scale outdoor...

Museum of Latin American Art – Art Shows

The Museum of Latin American Art in Buenos Aires is a private art collection owned by an Argentine millionaire and philanthropist Eduardo F. Constantini....

The Modern Art Of Gemstone Carving

We all love gorgeous jewelry pieces. However, we usually don’t take time to appreciate all the work that has been done to transform a...

3 facts about a masterpiece of impressionism that you probably did not know

Berta Morizo, one of the few famous women artists of the Impressionist movement, had a special gift to capture the complexity of the inner...

Art & Activism, How Politics in Arts Stands Now

Should art be political? That's s very big question. Perhaps it should start with the assumption that art should be honest? With this in...
Abstract Expressionism. James Brooks. Painting "Blagoda", 1957

Abstract Expressionism – the most famous American style of modern painting

Abstract Expressionism (from the Latin words abstractio - "distraction" and expressio - "expression") is a movement in the pictorial art of the mid-twentieth century,...

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