Saturday, November 28, 2020


25 Tips For A Successful Youtube Art Channel

Have you been planning to start your art channel on the popular social media platform YouTube? Well, that is an exciting thing to do. But that also calls for skills and tactics to take...

Audiovisual Technologies At Modern Museums

Multimedia technologies are increasingly penetrating not only into the business sphere, but also into the cultural space. Until recently, audiovisual technologies was used only at temporary exhibitions and in galleries, but today it is...

The Museum at Bethel Woods – Experience The Historic Site

In the '60s in the U.S. held a huge number of rock festivals, competing with each other in scale and stars of the composition of the participants, but it was Woodstock that went down...

Mirror ceilings turned a Chinese bookstore into fabulous labyrinths

Only one detail can fundamentally transform the interior, and Chinese architects know about it. "Zhongshuge" Bookstores were transformed by the mirror ceilings. Stairways and shelves are displayed in them, creating a feeling of another...

Unique series of paintings about the great artists

The artist Andrey Allakhverdov for four years created a series of works, which has not yet existed in the history of world painting. "The Artist and his model" is a tribute to the memory...

The Importance of Colors for a Design

Color in any design is its vital element from every domain. Whether intentional or not, colors add meaning and value to the design and spur emotions. The perception of any color is entirely subjective,...

Friends from Barcelona made CovidArtMuseum on Instagram

Even during the Coronovirus pandemic, you can find a good idea by creating a social networking page that will be visited by tens of thousands of people every day. Such a creative idea came...

Color in 2021: 5 main spring-summer shades

WSGN analysts, trend forecasters, and Coloro experts want us to prepare for the future in advance. They have already named 5 key colors for 2021. Quiet Wave Experts call this shade of green optimistic and futuristic...

Thousands of lilies on Trung Huy Pham’s “dancing” photos

Each year, when the Mekong delta is flooded, the local people collect thousands of lilies on long stems that have grown on water-covered rice fields. Photographer Trung Huy Pham recently captured the annual harvest...

Actors show how their emotions were changing in 2020

Only a little more than half of 2020 has passed, but it has already been filled with "incidents". Of course, the emotions taking place in the world incidents cause so many emotions that they...

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