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Antigone as one of the best tragedy plays ever written

Antigone is a tragedy written by Sophocles even before 441 BC. It is the third play from the three Theban plays, but...

5 Ways to Enhance Your Home Décor with Photography

If you're not a professional decorator or designer, you may feel stymied by the idea of decorating your space. 

Sculptor James Turrell and photographer Sebastião Salgado Win $137,000 Praemium Imperiale...

The Praemium Imperiale Award, one of the most prestigious art awards in the world, has been won this year by photographer Sebastião Salgado and...

Student Photography: How Convert Hobby into a Profession

Before the pandemic, young people had made a habit of traveling for fun. It became quite common for a university student on...

In the Places of Richard Lassels Voyage of Italy. Enzo Crispino

In 1670 the book The voyage of Italy, by his friend and fellow traveler Richard Lassels (1603-1668) a Roman Catholic priest and...

Endless Gone by Laura Jane Petelko

Beginning at a time of personal crisis where the artist was threatened with permanent blindness, Laura Jane Petelko began an exploration in photography that...

Gloria Gao: The Woman Explores The Diversity Of Beauty Through Her...

The emerging fashion photographer, Gloria Gao, shows the world the meaning of “real beauty” and the diversity of the concept It’s no understatement to say that photographer...

Using Stock Photos in Artwork

Thinking about using someone else’s photograph in your next art piece? Here’s a breakdown of why, how, and where to source stock images, without...

7 Pro Tips For Shooting Better Photos

A picture is worth a thousand words. Photography is a very powerful visual medium that can capture various emotions: happiness, anguish, desperation, courage, inspiration,...

African Biennale of Photography in Mali Announces 2021 Curatorial Team

The Biennale of African Photography is a major international exhibition of contemporary photography held every two years since 1994 in Bamako, Mali, with regular...

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