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Top Fashion Photography Trends

Every year Depositphotos photobank makes big research of trends in design, photography, and communications. To highlight the main visual trends of 2020 and prepare...

Radiant Identities: Photographs By Jock Sturges

For 50 years Jock Sturges has been photographing nude scenes on the coasts of California, France, and Ireland. Natural light is a true friend...

Natural Spheres by Catherine Nelson

Australian artist Catherine Nelson created a series of photos called Future Memories 2020. "The exciting events of 2020 have made me return to the...

Richard Avedon The Great Master Of Portraits

It so happens that the portraits by Richard Avedon always attracted a lot of attention. His photographs are both simple and complicated works. Most...

Take Professionals’ Pictures: Travel Photographer Rory Gardiner Tips

Travel is a privilege that cannot be taken for granted. We used to pack our bags and leave in order to catch the present...

Georges Cameras

How to use modern drones for your business? Drones or UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) are becoming indispensable tools in the business world. In the market,...

Sally Mann’s “Immediate Family”

Sally Mann, an American woman photographer, entered the history of the photo art world not because of her special talents, but because of a...

5 tips from the world’s best photographers

The most famous photographers didn't just take pictures: they lived their favorite business. For them, it was not a job, but a way to...

Photographer Nicolas Bruno creates art inspired by his sleep paralysis

Creativity helps people not only to discover talents but also to cope with their fears. For example, American photographer Nicolas Bruno has turned his...

Memory of a Future by photographer Laurent Kronental

Photographer Laurent Kronental takes pictures of the Paris suburbs, built in the middle of the last century in a futuristic style - a memory...

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